Who we are & our technology

Xylonix.io is an innovative cancer immunotherapy development company for novel anticancer therapies that help realize the curative potential of cancer immunotherapy.

Today’s cancer immunotherapies demonstrated cure potentials across general cancer types, but the problems of unpredictable treatment responses and low patient response rates remain. Our proprietary first-in-class Onco-Parthanatos platform technology kills and turns cancer into its own inflammatory antigens for initiating effective anti-cancer immune responses, for solving the reliability problems with today’s cancer immunotherapies.


Xylonix is developing two drug candidates C005D and C008D that target for site-agnostic cancer indications of genomic instability mutations. With its evidence of synergism with PD1 blockers, we aim to expand the applicability of today’s immunotherapies toward wider cancer indications.


Notable Board Members & Scientific Advisors

Our Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board consist of renowned industry leaders and medical scientists.


Dr. Steven Myint MD PhD



Distinguished biopharma executive, physician, business innovator and government advisor. His former roles include Global Medical Director of GSK Global and Chief Medical Officer of BTG International, and 30 other international biotechs


Dr. Jonathan Knowles PhD



Distinguished pharma executive who drove precision medicine and immuno-oncology into mainstream medicine. He was President of Group Research and member of the Executive Committee at Roche, and member of the Boards at Genentech and Chugai Pharmaceutical


Dr. Brian Leyland-Jones MD PhD

Scientific Advisor

Accomplished translational cancer researcher and champion of precision oncology who oversaw over 300 trials, including the pivotal development of Herceptin® (Roche/Genentech). He is currently Chief Medical Officer of the National Foundation for Cancer Research. He also served as the Head of Developmental Chemotherapy Program at National Cancer Institute, USA

Core Team

Our team has an extensive experience in cancer drug design and development, venture building and management.


Dr. Fred Chung PhD President and

Chief Scientific Officer

Novel drug design expert and the inventor of Onco-Parthanatos technology. His original findings include Chung-Fahraeus Effect that scientifically explained the immunity effects of exercise, mental stress, aspirin, etc. in cancer treatment


Kok Li Ting Director and EVP Accounting

10 years of experience in financial and IT audit with expertise in corporate compliance. Her former roles include audit and compliance advisory at KPMG Singapore


Roger Chung EVP Operations

10 years of experience in business operations and investment management. His previous roles include the regional CEO position of a US banking corporation subsidiary and various Board member roles as the overseer of its investments

Data & IP Integrity

For ensuring data and IP integrity, our data are 100% generated by independent research contractors from USA, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, and China that also service global pharmaceutical companies.